Friday, June 3, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt Was Totally Psychic

Ted Rall on Yahoo! wrote this kickass article about Teddy Roosevelt predicting the crumble of civilization due to a morally and financially corrupt government.

And all I can say is, really? Teddy Roosevelt was AWESOME INCARNATE. He was probably the most awesome dude to ever awesome it up. He's a goddamned American legend. If Teddy Roosevelt and Paul Bunyon got into a fist fight, Teddy Roosevelt would win. Chuck Norris lies away at night, wishing he could be Teddy Roosevelt. The Rapture couldn't come because Teddy Roosevelt wasn't there to invite it in. Jesus is jealous of Teddy Roosevelt because his dad loves Teddy more.

And now we're surprised when it turns out he was actually psychic?

Well, I'm not, Mr. Ted Rall.

I'm not.

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